Tuesday May 21. 5pm – 6:30pm PST.

Online and ServiceNow, Santa Clara.

With so many users, stakeholders, and an ever-changing list of priorities, figuring out what to research and when is a huge undertaking at enterprise-level organizations.


It’s not enough for researchers to support product teams, they have to intimately understand both the business they work for and the enterprise customers they serve.


Researchers need to be involved in business strategy.


We’re talking margin expansion, churn reduction,  stakeholder mapping and so much more in this edition of Enterprise UXR.

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5:00 pm

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5:00 pm –
5:05 pm


Anand Tharanathan,
VP, Global Head of Research and Insights at ServiceNow

5:05 pm –
5:45 pm

One Small Step for Collaboration, One Giant Leap for the Enterprise: Creating research impact through strategic partnership

In this session, Michelle and Warren will delve into the essential principles underpinning successful cross-functional collaboration and its transformative potential for product outcomes within the enterprise. The discussion will revolve around key methods for enabling stakeholders to ‘see themselves’ in the research by co-creating a shared vision that enhances engagement and ownership, while promoting active participation in the research process. Moreover, Michelle and Warren will explore the pivotal role of strategic partnership in elevating the status of research as an indispensable asset in the long-term organizational planning. We are inviting key thought leaders in the space to partake in this discussion around how they navigate these topics in their work, and would love for you to participate and contribute to this important dialogue! Join us as we unravel techniques to develop a profound understanding of our teams, partners, and customers, to identify product solutions that deliver unparalleled value. Together, let’s enable others to harness the power of collaboration and tactical insight to drive research impact across the enterprise.
Michelle Takemoto,
Senior Manager, UX Research at ServiceNow
Warren Davis,
Manager, UX Research at ServiceNow

5:45 pm –
6:30 pm

Building Strategic Partnerships to Drive Impact in the Enterprise

Sri Putrevu,
Senior Director, User Research at Circle
Nathan Kendrick,
Digital Expert, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company
Kirsten Loegering,
VP, Product Management at ServiceNow
Anand Tharanathan,
VP, Global Head of Research and Insights at ServiceNow

6:30 pm –
7:00 pm

Wrap Up and Social

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