Tuesday May 21. 5pm – 6:30pm PST.

Online and ServiceNow, Santa Clara.

With so many users, stakeholders, and an ever-changing list of priorities, figuring out what to research and when is a huge undertaking at enterprise-level organizations.


It’s not enough for researchers to support product teams, they have to intimately understand both the business they work for and the enterprise customers they serve.


Researchers need to be involved in business strategy.


We’re talking margin expansion, churn reduction,  stakeholder mapping and so much more in this edition of Enterprise UXR.

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Doors Open

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Welcome and Introductions

Colette Kolenda
Research Leader at Ex-Spotify

10:00 am –
10:30 am

Evolving UXR for Greater Impact

There’s no doubt UX Research is going through a transition period right now. But where are we transitioning from, and where are we moving to? In this talk, Judd shares his vision for how research can elevate its impact and deliver real impact for the teams and organizations we’re a part of.
Judd Antin
Research Leader at Ex-Airbnb

10:30 am –
11:00 am

Hypothesis-Driven Innovation: From insights to outcomes

One of the inherent challenges with research is the disconnect between the insights we generate and the impact of those insights on the metrics by which products and businesses are measured. In this talk, Christelle unpacks how you can use techniques from behavioural insights to design experiments that strengthen the causal relationship between research and business impact.
Christelle Ngnoumen, PhD
AVP of Behavioral Science Research at Voya Financial

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Building a Scalable Revenue Engine with Research

As economic headwinds accelerate, the need to generate revenue growth is becoming more and more urgent for most businesses. What role can research play in improving the financial future of the organizations we’re a part of? According to Claudia, a pretty big one.
Claudia Natasia
Head of Product at CloseFactor

11:45 am –
12:15 pm

Unlocking Potential: Strategic cross-training to transform research teams

As research teams change, the burden of research will end up distributed across a wider range of people, both researchers and non-researchers alike. How can we empower our entire team to develop the right skills to widen the range of projects we’re capable of doing? Watch as Josh explores this very question.
Josh Williams
Director of UX Research at Indeed.com


Few phrases have evoked more emotion in the research community than “research democratization”. There is a way to scale research to only the non-researchers who are capable, interested and effective, but how?

12:15 pm –
1:30 pm

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Executive Presence: Stories and lessons learned conducting research with the C-Suite

Most of us are focused on tactical research to improve the products and services our organizations ship to market. But, product teams aren’t the only ones who need research. In his talk, Andy unpacks what it’s like doing research for executive and board-level stakeholders.
Andy Warr
Director of Portfolio Research and Insights at Dropbox

2:00 pm –
2:30 pm

Impact-Driven User Research: Breaking Barriers and Driving Value

When Nizar joined Snowflake as the company’s first user researcher, there were questions about the role of user research in driving product impact and business value. Fast forward to today, and the user research team is one of Snowflake’s fastest growing teams; expanding tenfold and playing a critical role in driving key product decisions. In this talk, Nizar discusses the driving principles and lessons learned throughout the journey of turning skeptics into the loudest advocates, and provides an unfiltered perspective on where the field of user research is headed next.
Nizar Saqqar
Head of User Research at Snowflake

2:30 pm –
2:45 pm


2:45 pm –
3:15 pm

Your Attention Please: Tips for research communication

If an insight is generated by a researcher, but no stakeholder is around to absorb it, does it really make an impact? Communicating new learnings with colleagues has long been a challenge for researchers. Lucky for us, George is one of the best at exactly that. In this talk, George walks you through some of his most trusted tactics for successfully communicating research insights.
George Murphy
Research Manager at Airbnb

3:15 pm –
3:30 pm

Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Colette Kolenda
Research Leader at Ex-Spotify

3:30 pm –
6:00 pm

Research Happy Hour

Meet the research toolkit of your dreams. Learners is proud to partner with some of the best products in the research space. From incentive payments to recruitment to AI-powered tools, these products have you covered.

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