Code of Conduct


Learners is committed, first and foremost, to building a safe and accessible community. That’s why we will not tolerate harassment of any kind in Learners spaces.

We ask that you report any incident you think may violate our Code of Conduct to

Why do we have a Code of Conduct?

We believe that learning should be fun, frequent, and affordable for all. It’s not enough to create a home for growing tech workers, if that home isn’t as welcoming as we strive to be.

We’re committed to building a community that is accessible and safe, regardless of identity, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, neurotype, origin, faith, ability, socioeconomic status, age, and community.

This starts with our Code of Conduct and the expectation that those who participate in our community and events will help us create a safe, inclusive, hostility-free culture we can all enjoy together.

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to?

Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone working with Learners or taking part in any Learners event, virtual or in-person. This includes Learners employees first and foremost—but also to contractors, volunteers, speakers, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and vendors.

We are all accountable for how we treat one another.

Behaviour we will not tolerate

Learners will not tolerate harassment under any circumstances, whether the behaviour is direct or indirect. We do not tolerate hatred or bigotry in our spaces, whether in-person or through any of our channels. Harassment includes but is not limited to:

    • Unwanted physical contact or simulated physical contact
    • Unwelcome verbal or written comment or physical conduct that is so objectively offensive that it creates a hostile environment
    • Unwanted sexual attention
    • One-on-one communication after a request to stop
    • Publication of non-harassing private communication
    • Violence and/or intimidation
    • Any aggressive or offensive commentary based on one’s identity, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, neurotype, physical appearance, origin, faith, ability, socioeconomic status, age, or community
    • Unwanted photography, videography, and recording
    • Micro-aggressions: small comments or questions, either intentional or unintentional, that marginalize people by communicating hostile, derogatory, or negative beliefs

    Consequences for Violating the Code of Conduct

    For violating the Code of Conduct:

      • Your messages may be deleted from in—conference chats or on any of our Learners properties
      • You may be muted or blocked and no longer able to use in-conference chats or leave messages on any of our Learners properties
      • You may be temporarily or permanently removed from any of our Learners properties, such as the Learners platform or the Research by Learners community Slack, as well as any of our in—person events without refund

      If you suspect you were wrongfully accused of violating the Code of Conduct, please reach out to

      Report a violation to our Code of Conduct

      If you witness or experience any behaviour that goes against our Code of Conduct, please contact us at

      Note: this email is only staffed during regular business hours and may not be suitable for urgent/time-sensitive matters. If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact the appropriate authorities.

      If there’s anything we can do to support you in making your report, let us know. We will listen to you, and work with you to resolve the situation in the way that’s most comfortable for you.

      We will make every reasonable effort to maintain the confidentiality of your report. When appropriate, we are prepared to involve third parties, including but not limited to security services and law enforcement.

      If you do not feel comfortable contacting the organizers for help, we encourage you to contact someone you trust, or the aforementioned third parties directly.

      If you are unsure if you have witnessed or experienced any behaviour that goes against our Code of Conduct, we encourage you to report the incident. You are important to us. You make our community better. We would rather get a few extra reports rather than missing a report of an actual violation.

      No retaliation

      You have the right to come forward about any unacceptable behaviour without fear of retaliation.

      We prohibit any retaliation against anyone who comes forward with a report or who participates in an investigation regarding violations of our Code of Conduct. Those who do not comply with our Code of Conduct in good faith can expect appropriate action to be taken by Learners, which may include conflict mediation, close-monitoring, ejection from gatherings or community platforms without refund, a temporary or permanent ban from all future events, or involvement of security staff or law enforcement.

      If your report is against a member of our team, that team member will not take part in handling your report. Other members of our team will respond as promptly as they can.

      Credits and acknowledgements

      Portions of this Code of Conduct were derived from Creative Mornings and the Geek Feminism Blog’s codes of conduct.

      Questions and feedback

      If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on our Code of Conduct, please email us at